Happy Planet, Happy Homes.

Hi, we’re Saaf
Saaf means clean or pure in Hindi.We connect homeowners (who are planning renovations) to stellar providers (who install energy-efficient upgrades) to sweet government grants (that save a ton of money).
We love our planet.
(and saving money)
It all started with our home renovation. We scoured government documents for rebates, googled providers, and waited for quotes. That’s when we had our aha moment - there is a better way for homeowners to save time going green and make it more affordable too.
We’re a green collective.
(and techy too)
We are a team of engineers, social innovators, strategists, home builders, and developers who have built the ultimate tool to help transform houses into carbon-free homes of the future. So if you’re looking for an easier way to go green, we can help.
We care about you.
(and your time)
The amount of energy it takes to save energy can be exhausting. We’re here to help you on your journey to spend less time finding energy-efficient upgrades and partners and more time enjoying the comfort of a lower carbon home with reduced utility bills.

Meet the team

Vikram Balasubramanian - Profile Photo
Vikram Balasubramanian
With over 20 years of experience in Energy (including 14 years in commercial leadership roles with Chevron Corporation), Vikram has turned his attention to the energy transition. He’s focused on building out Saaf, a web-based platform democratizing the residential clean energy transition.
Gayatri Moorthi - Profile Photo
Gayatri Moorthi
Gayatri is a Principal Consultant at Habitus Consulting Collective Inc. An entrepreneur/consultant with a background in social impact, Gayatri is responsible for our social impact strategy and measurement.
Dev Singh- Profile Photo
Dev Singh
An MBA with more than 4 years of market research experience across various domains. Dev is skilled at extracting data-driven business insights to facilitate strategic decision making.
Joe Emerson - Profile Photo
Joe Emerson
Joe Emerson is the founder of the Zero Energy Project, a platform to educate consumers and the building trades about the benefits of zero energy and positive energy homes. With decades of experience in energy efficiency and sustainability - including building zero energy homes, Joe is passionate about a net-zero future.
Shyam Venugopal Photo
Shyam Venugopal
Shyam Venugopal is a mechanical engineer and product manager with 15+ years of experience in industries such as semiconductors, 3D design and cybersecurity.
Lalita Patti - Profile Photo

Our Inspiration

Our work at Saaf is dedicated and inspired by Vikram’s beloved Lalita 'Patti' which means grandmother in Tamil.

Lalita Balakrishnan – a force of nature, was inducted into the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Global 500 Roll of Honour in 1996 for her work on sustainability in rural India. Lalita Patti, an OG of women in renewable energy, helped improve many lives across rural India by deploying solar, bio-gas and smokeless woodstove projects. She was exemplar of the significant impact an individual could have on sustainable living through sheer grit,  determination, and clarity of purpose.

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