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Did you know 25% of your total heat loss could be leaking from your windows and doors? Homes older than 20 years old are typically due for an upgrade. If you are noticing high energy bills, decaying frames, leaks, condensation, drafts, mildew, soundproofing issues, or faulty operation, it might be time for an assessment.
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Did you know your renovation must use government approved equipment to be eligible for a rebate? A certified vendor will provide you with approved equipment to ensure you are eligible.
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Your utility costs increase when air leaks from your building envelope through the outer walls, windows, doors, and other openings. Avoid the disappointment of losing out on significant utility bill savings or ending up with lacklustre post-evaluation EnerGuide rating. Evaluate the air sealing in your home before installing your energy-efficient upgrade.
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What is the eligibility criteria for a grant?

All equipment must be purchased in Canada.

Online purchases are only eligible if ordered from an online distributor in Canada.

The equipment must be on the eligible list below. All eligible model lists are available in an online searchable or CSV format. The lists will be periodically updated to ensure homeowners have access to grants for all equipment models available that meet Greener Homes performance criteria.

Maintain the ENERGY STAR labels on your windows and doors until after your post-retrofit evaluation.

Skylights are not eligible for reimbursement.

Replacements of only the glass, sash or door without a frame are not eligible for reimbursement under the grant.

Can I use existing window frames?

A new window unit can be inserted into the existing frame of an old window, but replacements of only the glass, sash or door without a frame are not eligible. There is a maximum of $250 per rough, opening up to a cap of $5,000.

How will I know if I should replace the entire window?

If your EnerGuide evaluation has revealed severe problems with your window's glazing, sash or entire unit, your best option may be to replace all or part of the window.

How are ENERGY STAR windows different?

Energy-efficient windows will have:

  • Double or triple glazing
  • Low emissivity (low-E) glass
  • Inert gas, such as Argon or Krypton in the sealed unit
  • Low conductivity or warm edge spacer bars
  • Insulated frames and sashes
  • Good air tightness
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