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The Prairies (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) are some of the best places in the world for solar power generation. Rooftop Solar PV installations are a great way to generate your own clean power, improving the reliability of your supply.
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Did you know your renovation must follow government approved standards to be eligible for a rebate? A certified vendor will provide you with equipment that follows the approved standards to ensure you are eligible.
How do I apply for a rebate after I install a retrofit?

You must begin with an EnerGuide Evaluation BEFORE and AFTER you install your retrofit. Once your post-evaluation is complete, you will receive a report with your new rating to submit for your rebate.

You must use a certified vendor, and the model of your Solar PV system must be according to approved standards.

Your equipment must be purchased in Canada.

How long does it take to install a Solar PV System?

From the time of signing a contract your solar PV system could take a few weeks to 6 months to install. The installation time varies based on factors like system size, complexity, local utility permitting timeline, roof pitch & layout, current order pipeline of the installer and weather conditions (most installers will not install in sub-zero conditions for safety reasons).
On average, once you have a firm install date, the actual installation can take anywhere from 1-2 days to a week.

Is there financing available to cover solar panel installation costs?

The Canada Greener Homes Loans Program - a federal government initiative, provides homeowners up to $40,000 (interest free, subject to credit approval) to install solar panels. Homeowners can take advantage of the Canada Greener Homes Grant, up to $5,000, and Canada Greener Homes Loans of up to an additional $40,000 to undertake eligible retrofits (potentially financing $45,000 worth of renovations). But you will have to act quickly to take advantage of these programs as the Canada Greener Homes Grant program is expected to stop accepting new applications as of March 2024.

What permits or paperwork are necessary to install Solar Panels?

Permit requirements vary by location. Typical permits would include Micro-Generation approval, inter-connection agreement from local utility for grid-tied systems, sign off from the local municipality. Generally, solar installers will manage all the necessary permits and paperwork as part of their turn-key solutions.

What is the warranty on a solar PV system?

Warranties offered can vary from company to company. Most solar companies offer a 25 year production warranty on solar panels and warranties on the micro-inverters, labour and workmanship. When you utilize our services, we will highlight the equipment provided and warranties offered by our solar installer partners.

How much money will I save after installing solar panels?

Savings depend on factors like system size, energy usage, local electricity rates, net-metering regulations and sunlight availability. In many cases, homeowners can significantly reduce or even eliminate their electricity bills over time. In Alberta you can also take advantage of Solar Clubs to optimize the revenue earned from your systems excess production in the summer months. You can use our Solar Calculator to get an estimate of your savings, payback time and return on investment. Additionally if you live in Alberta use our Carbon Calculator to find out how much you might make by selling the carbon credits from your systems production.

Do Solar Panels need regular maintenance?

Solar panels typically require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris is beneficial, and occasional inspections by professionals ensure optimal performance.

Can my solar PV system operate in months of heavy snow?

The production of your solar PV system will reduce in months of heavy snow or rain or cloudy/overcast conditions. Once the snow melts and the clouds clear your production will increase to its designed capacity.

Can hail damage a solar PV system?

Most systems and solar panels are designed to be durable even in the event of hail. However, just in case we recommend adding the Solar PV system to your home’s insurance policy to help cover costs associated with any unexpected damage.

Can I get more than $5,600 for my rebates?

Yes, depending on what your province or city may offer. The federal Greener Homes Grant program offers up to $5,000 with $600 off your pre- and post-EnerGuide evaluation for eligible retrofits.

Who are your solar installer partners?

Our Service Providers need to be verified and approved to provide service and equipment that qualify for the Greener Grant Program. We believe in accountability and only approve memberships to reputable companies with a strong track record.

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