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The Prairies (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) are some of the best places in the world for solar power generation. Rooftop Solar PV installations are a great way to generate your own clean power, improving the reliability of your supply.
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Did you know your renovation must follow government approved standards to be eligible for a rebate? A certified vendor will provide you with equipment that follows the approved standards to ensure you are eligible.
How do I apply for a rebate after I install a retrofit?

You must begin with an EnerGuide Evaluation BEFORE and AFTER you install your retrofit. Once your post-evaluation is complete, you will receive a report with your new rating to submit for your rebate.

You must use a certified vendor, and the model of your Solar PV system must be according to approved standards.

Your equipment must be purchased in Canada.

Can I get more than $5,600 for my rebates?

Yes, depending on what your province or city may offer. The federal Greener Homes Grant program offers up to $5,000 with $600 off your pre- and post-EnerGuide evaluation for eligible retrofits.

Who are your energy vendors?

Our Service Providers need to be verified and approved to provide service and equipment that qualify for the Greener Grant Program. We believe in accountability and only approve memberships to reputable companies with a strong track record.

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