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Energy Audits – the first step to saving money

July 8, 2022
5 Reasons to get your EnerGuide Home Evaluation:

Home renovations can be expensive and daunting. Before you spend your precious capital, it may be worth identifying how your home uses (and/or loses) energy and what renovations work best for your home.

 An energy audit, like Natural Resources Canada’s EnerGuide Home Evaluation, by a certified energy advisor, should be the first step in your home renovation journey. It will help you:

  1. make informed decisions about the upgrades you need,
  2. how to prioritize them, and
  3. how much energy you can save after completing the upgrades.
1. Better understanding of your home's energy usage

A Certified Energy advisor will analyze all aspects of your home that can affect its energy usage. They thoroughly inspect all areas of your home, including windows, doors, insulation, furnace and HVAC systems, to identify potential energy leakages and health hazards. An EnerGuide evaluation report will help you and your family better understand your home’s current energy consumption and identify areas of improvement. 

2. Qualify for grants, rebates and interest-free loans

EnerGuide home evaluations are mandatory to qualify for the Canada Greener Homes Grant (up to $5,000) and Canada Green Homes Loans (interest-free loan up to $40,000). These federal grants pay up to $600 towards the cost of pre- and post-upgrade home evaluation. Only upgrades recommended by your energy advisor in the Renovation Upgrade Report qualify for the grant and loan.

Additionally, the EnerGuide home evaluation is fast becoming a prerequisite for many provincial and municipal grants, especially in Alberta and BC.

3. Get recommendations to improve your home's energy efficiency

Upon completing the EnerGuide evaluation, your energy advisor will provide you with an EnerGuide Renovation Upgrade Report. The report will recommend various upgrades that can significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency, comfort, and safety. It will also quantify the impact of each recommended upgrade on your home’s energy efficiency. 

4. A step towards a clean future

Undertaking the recommended upgrades will help reduce your energy consumption and your home’s carbon footprint.

1. Fixing air leakage, upgrading insulation and replacing drafty windows and doors will help reduce air and heat leakage.

2. Replacing your furnace with a heat-pump, upgrading your water heater or replacing old appliances with energy-efficient ones will significantly reduce your energy use and help you in transitioning towards a clean and green future.

3. Generating your own clean power with a rooftop solar  photovoltaic system will be an additional step towards creating a net-zero home.

5. Reduce your energy bills and increase home comfort

These recommended upgrades will also help reduce your energy bills - keeping your home warmer in winters and improving your home’s overall comfort. It can ensure that your home’s comfort is on par with newer homes. 

How we can help

Saaf (your hub for green home improvements) will help you find the best energy advisors in your area and help you make informed decisions by understanding the rebate process for the Canada Greener Homes Grant, getting you quotes from qualified contractors in your area, and showing you your savings from rebates on those quotes at no cost to you! Come check out our website and start your journey to savings and better home with us. To learn more visit our FAQ page, contact us, or write to us at

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